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What my clients have said .............

What my clients have said .............


Dear Sean

Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer. We are really pleased we picked you. The photos are fabulous. you made the day special by being so nice, friendly and accommodating. You made our big day really special and we won't forget you. Thanks

Vicki & Leon


Hi Sean,

Now that the initial post-congress craziness has died down, I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for everything you did for us last Thursday. I know that it must have been a massive pain, what with doing a wedding as well, but you somehow managed to get them to us in time – and it really impressed all the guests, and they were all really happy with the photos. Anyway, thank you again for all your hard work – it made such a difference to the whole day



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Uncovering Jack The Ripper's London

I was recently commissioned by New Holland Publishers to take the photographs for Richard Jones's new book 'Uncovering Jack The Ripper's London. This is an extract from Richard's web-site (see links page)

'2007 will see the release of Richard Jones's new book "Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London." This is not a typical Jack the Ripper publication that attempts to sensationalise or embellish the facts of the 1888 murder mystery by attempting to build a case against a particular suspect. Rather, it is a gripping day by day account of ten weeks in 1888, when an unknown murderer, lurking in some of the capital's worst slums, sent a wave of terror and panic surging through the whole of Victorian society

This lavishly illustrated book includes several never before published photographs of the streets and places where the murders occurred. In addition it has many full colour and atmospheric photographs of the murder sites as they are today. These photographs were specially commissioned for the book and were taken by Sean East, a former Metropolitan Police Officer, who spent long nights in early 2006 traipsing the streets to catch them at their sinister best!'